Services Overview

The following services include four, six, or twelve month memberships. Initial consultations and follow-ups can be purchased individually. While there are options for all types of clients and their needs, the most successful programs will range between sixteen and twenty-six weeks in length. Explore WLN specialties to see which health conditions and health behaviors Sheila specializes in.


how it works

  1. Check out the available services listed below to determine which option is best for your needs.
  2. Contact WLN to receive a pricing brochure and set up your first appointment.
  3. Next you'll be sent a follow-up email welcoming you to the WLN community along with registration instructions and forms to fill out prior to the first session.

Exploratory Session

This mini consultation is free for prospective clients inquiring about services.  Sessions can be held in person, over the phone, or through video conference. Clients who sign up for a membership during the exploratory session receive $100 off memberships.



These programs are for the highly committed Wellness Warriors! They go above and beyond basic nutrition advice and designed for those ready to make long-lasting changes utilizing behavior modification techniques as the foundation to success.  You’re ready to reach your health and wellness goals, once and for all. Knowing nutrition information is simply not enough, implementing real change takes a little extra time and commitment. As a result of research showing that the most successful programs last between 16 and 36 weeks, these memberships are designed with a minimum of 16 weeks to ensure your success.

Each membership includes:

  • A 1-hour initial consultation with assessment and evaluation
  • Unlimited support through e-mail and a secure database
  • Tailored goal-setting and self-management techniques
  • A special start-up care package including a recap of the initial consultation session with a copy of your personalized plan, any applicable handouts to support your progress plus additional goodies
  • Discounts for memberships - Save $100, $200, or $600
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Four Month Membership

This 16-week membership includes one initial consultation and seven follow-up sessions at 30-60 minutes each. The program is designed to meet 2 times a month to ensure you reach your goals.

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Six Month Membership

This 24-week membership includes 1 initial consultations and 11 follow up sessions at 30-60 minutes each. This program is designed to meet 2x a month to ensure you reach your goals.

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One Year Membership

This 52-week membership includes 1 initial consultation and approximately 26 follow up sessions at 30-60 minutes each. This program is designed to meet 2x a month to ensure you reach your goals.




The following are additional sessions or educational opportunities to be added on to the above programs and memberships. Supermarket tours and pantry makeovers are available either per person or group rates at a discounted price.



These quick follow-ups can be added on to any service or membership if you desire extra time or meetings to help stick to your program goals. Everyone progresses at their own pace, and follow-ups allow you the freedom to schedule sessions at any time you want. Each session is 30-60 minutes and can be scheduled at any time.

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Supermarket Tours

Learn to shop efficiently and navigate a grocery store like an expert to maximize your health and wellness goals. We’ll walk through your preferred supermarket learning vital information such as the layout and placement of products, their marketing techniques to get you to buy certain foods, and how to properly read food labels so that you can decipher between items and choose the best product for you and your personalized needs.


Companies and Organizations:


Events & Collaborations

Sheila loves working with like-minded companies who care about the wellness of their customers and community. If you work with a company or organization seeking a Dietitian, please contact Sheila to discuss what you have in mind.

Ideas include nutrition educations for small or large groups, recipe development, cooking classes, nutrition and wellness consulting for your customers/members, articles, and more.